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DownloadWildfire WFH 150-T Touring Scooter Specification And Owner’s Manual – Engine Oil Replacement • Replace the engine oil after the first 50 miles or 1 hour with 5w50, 10w50 or 15W50 synthetic engine oil. Then replace again every 1,500 miles or 1 each year. Check oil level every 500 miles, add oil if needed. Changing the Engine Oil (1).Warm up the engine for a few minutes. (2).Stop the engine. (3). Place scooter on center stand. (4).Place an oil pan under the engine and remove the dipstick. (5).Remove the drain plug and drain the oil. Reach in drain hole, pull out filter clean and reinstall, after all oil drains out. (6).Reinstall drain plug. (7). Fill the engine with oil until the level is in the designated area on the dipstick. (8).Start the engine and check for oil leaks. If a leak is found stop the engine immediately and look for cause. Rear Wheel Oil Replacement • Replace the gear oil after the first 500 miles with 5W/50 synthetic engine oil. Replace the gear oil again every 4 months or every 2000 miles.

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Wildfire Motors Owners Manual Download

  • Wildfire Motors was a company based in Steubenville, Ohio, specializing in the sales of scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, cyclecars, and electric vehicles.The vehicles are manufactured in China and are distributed throughout the United States. This distributor has ten cases under review with the Ohio Attorney General and 30 with the Better Business Bureau.
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