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  • Wizardry 8 is an epic fantasy RPG that picks up where Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant left off. The universe is on the brink of change. Vast forces are preparing for the final confrontation.
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Note: The numbers used in this articleare in Hexadecimal format.
If you are not familiar or comfortable with this numberingsystem
then you have no business trying these things out becauseyou are
likely to screw things up beyond repair.

Taking the wiz out of...Wizardry
by Rob Hall (from Computist Issue No. 40 February 1987,pages 23-25)
(I found this at: ftp.apple.asimov.net)

A Wizardry Program
A good sector editor (ie. a Hex editor)
A sceneraio disk with six characters
A blank disk to copy your scenario disk

Most veteran Wizardry players know that, in
'Proving Grounds', if your Bishop successfully
'Identifies item number '9', he'll receive
100,000,000 experience points. Also, if he
successfully 'Identifies 'S', the character
below the bishop will receive 100,000,000
experience points. Any by 'Identifing 'J',
he gives the character below him 100,000,000
gold pieces. This technique allows you to create
almost unbeatable characters in 'Proving Grounds'
and when you transfer your characters to
'Knight of Diamonds', they keep their experience
and powers. But just when you think you've got
all the answers Sir Tech throws you a curve.
Yes, this technique doesn't work with
'Legacy of Llylgamyn' and you can't just transfer
your characters from a previous scenario, you
must perform a 'rite of passage'. This 'rite of
passage' creates new characters who are descendants
of your characters, but have minimal experience
and power. Are all those months, even years, of
wandering through dungeons and tunnels, 'lost
forever'?. Not if you grab your handy sector
editor and read on.

The Scenario Disk

In all the Wizardry games, the scenario disk
is the key to your adventure. On this disk is stored
all the infromation about the maze, the monsters
and your characters. Your character information is
usually located on track $1A, sector $01 through
track $1B, sector $0F (track $1D for 'Proving Grounds').
This information is $CF bytes long and is formatted
as follows:
Character Format
00Number of letters in name
01-0FName (15 letters maximum)
10Number of letters in password
11-1FPassword (15 letters maximum)
20($01) character is 'out' , ($00) is available
22Race: see Table I
24Class: see Table II
26-27Age: see Table III
28Life: ($00) OK, ($05) Dead, ($07) Lost
2AAlignment: see Table IV
2C-2FCharacteristics: ($52 4A 52 4A is perfect) seeCharacteristics Breakdown
3A# of pieces of equipment (8 max)
34-38Gold: see Table V
3A# of pieces of equipment (8 max)
3C-7BEquipment information: see Table_VI
7C-80Experience (like gold: see Table V )
82Last level of character
84Current level of character
86-87# of hit points character has
88-89max # of hit points your character can possess
8A-91Type of spells: see Table VII
92# of level 1 mage spells can cast
94# of level 2 mage spells can cast
96# of level 3 mage spells can cast
98# of level 4 mage spells can cast
9A# of level 5 mage spells can cast
9C# of level 6 mage spells can cast
9E# of level 7 mage spells can cast
A0# of level 1 priest spells can cast
A2# of level 2 priest spells can cast
A4# of level 3 priest spells can cast
A6# of level 4 priest spells can cast
A8# of level 5 priest spells can cast
AA# of level 6 priest spells can cast
AC# of level 7 priest spells can cast
AE-AFLast armor class
B0-B1Current armor class
B6-BFMeasures effect of weapons & items
CE-CFIndicates honors
Characteristics Breakdown
(Cracked by Emmet 'Chaos' McMahan)
Note: The characteristics use bytes 2C-2F, a total of 32-bits.
Assume the left-most bit is number 1, and the right-most bit is 32.
AttributeBits Used
Intelligence15-16, 1-3
Agility31-32, 17-19
Table I
Table II
Table III
Age is calculated using bytes $26 and $27 under the following formula:
[($26) / $34] + [($27) X 5] = years (in decimal)
Therefore, if $26 and $27 are $D0 and $04 respectively: your character'sage is 24.

Wizardry 6 Guide

Table IV
Table V
Gold is calculated by bytes $34-38 using the following formula:
(Experience is calculated in the same way using bytes $7C-80)
Byte $341st nibble: 16's place
2nd nibble: 1's place
Byte $351st nibble: 4,096's place
2nd nibble: 256's place
Byte $361st nibble: 160,000's place
2nd nibble: 10,000's place
Byte $371st nibble: 40,960,000's place
2nd nibble: 2,560,000's place
Byte $381st nibble: 1,600,000,000's place
2nd nibble: 100,000,000's place
Table VI
Each piece of equipment is represented by an eight byte string. Thestring contains the following:
1status of possession ($00 = unequiped, $01 =equiped)
2not used
3not used
4not used
5status of equipment ($00 = unidentified, $01 = identified
6not used
7actual equipment (first byte)
8actual equipment (second byte)
Wizardry 7 pc
Table VI Continued
When giving a chracter a piece of equipment; insure all 'not used'bytes are $00, set byte #1 to $00 (unequiped), byte #5 to $01 (identified),and bytes #7-#8 as follows:
Table VI Continued
Proving Gounds Items
Byte 7Byte 8ItemByte 7Byte 8Item
0100Long Sword3300Shield + 2
0200Short Sword3400Helm + 2 (evil)
0300Anointed Mace3500Potion of Dial
0400Anointed Flail3600Ring of Porfic
0500Staff3700Were Slayer
0600Dagger3800Mage Masher
0700Small Shield3900Mace Pro Poison
0800Large Shield3A00Staff/Montino
0900Robes3B00Blade Cusinart'
0A00Leather Armor3C00Amulet/Manifo
0B00Chain Mail3D00Rod of Flame
0C00Breast Plate3E00Evil Chain + 2
0D00Plate Mail3F00Neurtal Plate Mail + 2
0E00Helm4000Evil Shield + 2
0F00Dios Potion4100Amulet Makanito
1000Latumofis Potion4200Diadem of Malor
1100Long Sword + 14300Scroll/Badial
1200Short Sword + 14400Short Sword - 2
1300Mace + 14500Dagger + 2
1400Staff of Mogref4600Mace - 2
1500Scroll/Katino4700Staff - 2
1600Leather Armor + 14800Dagger of Speed
1700Chain Mail + 14900Cursed Robe
1800Plate Mail + 14A00Leather Armor - 2
1900Shield + 14B00Chain Mail - 2
1A00Breast Plate + 14C00Breast Plate - 2
1B00Scroll/Badios4D00Shield - 2
1C00Scroll/Halito4E00Cursed Helmet
1D00Long Sword - 14F00Breast Plate + 2
1E00Short Sword - 15000Silver Gloves
1F00Mace - 15100Evil Sword + 3
2000Staff + 25200Evil Short Sword + 3
2100Dragon Slayer5300Thieves Dagger
2200Helm + 15400Breast Plate + 3
2300Leather Armor - 15500Lords Garb
2400Chain Mail - 15600Murasama Blade
2500Breast Plate - 15700Suriken
2600Shield - 15800Chain Pro Fire
2700Jeweld Amulet5900Evil Plate Mail + 3
2800Scroll/Badios5A00Shield + 3
2900Potoin of Sopic5B00Ring of Healing
2A00Long Sword + 25C00Ring Pro Undead
2B00Short Sword + 25D00Deadly Ring
2C00Mace + 25E00Werdna's Amulet
2F00Copper Gloves6100Bronze Key
3000Leather Armor + 26200Silver Key
3100Chain Mail + 26300Gold Key
3200Plate Mail + 26400Blue Ribbon
Table VI Continued
Knight of Diamonds Items
(Same as in 'Proving Grounds' with the following exceptions)
Byte 7Byte 8ItemByte 7Byte 8Item
5E00Rod of Raising7000Dreamer's Stone
5F00Amulet of Cover7100Damien Stone
6000Robe + 37200Great Mage Wand
6100Winter Mittens7300Coin of Power
6200Necklace Pro Magic7400Stone of Youth
6300Staff of Light7500Mind Stone
6400Long Sword + 57600Stone of Piety
6500Sword of Swinging7700Blarney Stone
6600Priest Puncher7800Amulet of Skill
6700Priest's Mace7900Amulet of Skill
6800Short Sword of Swinging7A00Great Mage Wand
6900Ring Pro Fire7B00Coin of Power
6A00Cursed Plate Mail + 17C00Staff of Gnilda
6B00Plate Mail + 57D00Hrathnit
6C00Staff of Curing7E00Kod's Helmet
6D00Ring of Regeneration7F00Kod's Shield
6E00Metamorph Ring8000Kod's Gauntlets
6F00Stone Stone8100Kod's Armor

Table VI Continued
Legacy of Llylgamyn Items
Byte 7Byte 8ItemByte 7Byte 8Item
0104Haubek3504Displacer Robes
0204Breast Plate3604Hauberk + 2
0304Plate Armor3704Breast Plate + 2
0404Sallet3804Plate Armor + 2
0504Potion of Dios3904Armet
0604Latumofis Oil3A04Wargan Robes
0704Short Sword + 13B04Giant's Club
0804Broad Sword + 13C04Blade Cuisinart
0904Mace + 13D04Shepherd Crook
0A04Battle Axe + 13E04Unholy Axe
0B04Nunchuka3F04Rod of Death
0C04Dagger + 14004Gem of Exorcism
0D04Katino Scroll4104Bag of Emeralds
0E04Cuirass + 14204Bag of Garnets
0F04Hauberk + 14304Blue Pearl
1004Breast Plate + 14404Ruby Slippers
1104Plate Armor + 14504Necrology Rod
1204Heater + 14604Book of Life
1304Bascinet4704Book of Death
1404Iron Gloves4804Dragon's Tooth
1504Badios Scroll4904Trollkin Ring
1604Halito Potion4A04Rabbit's Foot
1704Short Sword - 14B04Thief's Pick
1804Battle Axe - 14C04Book of Demons
1904Mace - 14D04Butterfly Knife
1A04Dagger - 14E04Gold Tiara
1B04Battle Axe - 14F04Mantis Gloves
1C04Margauz's FlailFF03Mage's Robe
1D04Bag of GemsFE03Heater Shield
1E04Wizard's StaffFD03Round Shield
2004Round Shield - 1FB03Dagger
2104Cuirass - 1FA03Battle Axe
2204Hauberk - 1F903Hand Axe
2304Breast Plate - 1F803Staff
2404Plate Armor - 1F703Mace
2504Sallet - 1F603Broad Sword
2604Sopic PhiltreF503Short Sword
2704Gold RingF403Butterfly Knife
2804Salamander RingF303Orb of Mhuuzfis
2904Serpent's ToothF203Gold Medallion
2A04Short Sword + 2F103Rod of Fire
2B04Broad Sword + 2F003Holy Water
2C04Battle Axe + 2EF03Amulet of Air
2D04Ivory DaggerEE03Staff of Earch
2E04Ebony DaggerED03Ship in Bottle
2F04Amber DaggerEC03Crystal of Good
3004Mace + 2EB03Crystal of Evil
3104Mithril GlovesEA03Neutral Crystal
3204Dailki AmuletE903Orb of Earithin
3304Cuirass + 2E803Broken Item
3404Heater + 2

Once your characters have the prober equipment,
then can equip themselves in camp or at Gilgamesh's

Table VII
The type of spells that a character can cast is determind by bytes$8A-90
all spellsFEFFFFFFFFFF07
all mage spellsFEFF3F00000000
ass priest spells0000C0FFFFFF07
Each bit in these bytes represents a type of spell. If the bit is on('1'), that spell is known by the character. Don't forget that in orderfor a character to cast a spell, he must have 'spells left' in that level.The 'spells left' are indicated in bytes $92-AD.
Mage Spells
Byte 8AByte 8BByte 8C
bit 0: Not Usedbit 0: Molitobit 0: Zilwan
bit 1: Halitobit 1: Morlisbit 1: Masopic
bit 2: Mogrefbit 2: Daltobit 2: Haman
bit 3: Katinobit 3: Lahalitobit 3: Malor
bit 4: Dumapicbit 4: Mamorlisbit 4: Mahaman
bit 5: Diltobit 5: Makanitobit 5: Tiltowait
bit 6: Sopicbit 6: Madaltobit 6: priest spell
bit 7: Mahalitobit 7: Lakanitobit 7: priest spell
Priest Spells
Byte 8CByte 8DByte 8EByte 8FByte 90
bit 0: not usedbit 0: Badiosbit 0: ??? bit 0: Dialmabit 0: Mabadi
bit 1: mage spellbit 1: Milwabit 1: Dialkobit 1: Badialmabit 1: Loktofeit
bit 2: mage spellbit 2: Porficbit 2: Latumapicbit 2: Litokanbit 2: Malikto
bit 3: mage spellbit 3: Matubit 3: Bamatubit 3: Kandibit 3: Kadorto
bit 4: mage spellbit 4: Calfobit 4: Dialbit 4: Dibit 4: not used
bit 5: mage spellbit 5: Manifobit 5: Badialbit 5: Badibit 5: not used
bit 6: Kalkibit 6: Montinobit 6: Latumofisbit 6: Lortobit 6: not used
bit 7: Diosbit 7: Lomilwabit 7: Maporficbit 7: Madibit 7: not used
A character with all spells left is indicated on the status screenas:
And we find bytes $92-AC are:

Now that you know how your character is
formatted, it's time to turn your wimp into
a wizard.

Using the Sector Editor

Before creating your new character, you
should make a backup copy of your scenario disk.
The scenario disk is not copy protected so you
can use COPY A or any fast copy program to
duplicate it. To get the most out of this
procedure, I recommend that you scenario disk
contains at least six characters you would like
to strengthen.
For a start, read track $1A or $1B ($1D for
proving ground) to do some investigation work.
The location of your character within a sector
or track will vary depending on the sequence that
you characters were created on the disk. However,
it is easy to find the beginning of your character's
information by looking for the flashing ASCII
representation or your character's name. This will
be the first line of information, bytes $01 to
$0F (remember that byte $00 is the number of
letters in your character's name).
If you're lucky, your character's information
will start at the start of a sector. However,
it is more likely that your character's information
will start in the middle of a sector. This is because
each character's information block is only $CF bytes
long and new characters are added immediately after
old characters. If your character does not start at
byte 0 of a sector, count bytes starting with the byte
to the left of your character's name (starting at 0)
and use the chart to find the feature you want changed.
Unfortunately, the character's information is
usually not ordered in sequential sectors (starting
with sector $1 and finishing in sector $2). It is
usually in reverse order (starting with sector $F and
finishing in sector $E) or may jump from the beginning
of a track to the end. Careful attention to the length
of each character's information block and a little trial
and error can solve this problem.

The Little Fix

Along with the literature Sir Tech provides withits
program, a note warns of tampering with the characters:
'While it may seem appealing to use these products
(cheat programs), we urge you not to succumb to the
temptation. It took more than four years of careful
adjustment to properly balance Wizardry.' Well, it took
me all of last summer to get through the 'Proving Grounds'
even using the bishop trick. If these games are really
balanced, those dungeon monsters sure weigh a lot. In
fact, I was quite surprised at the number of items I
never came across when I played Proving Grounds and
Knight of Diamonds the normal and laborious way.
Wouldn't it be nice to use a 'great mage wand' for
a change?
Anyway, for those afraid to upset the proper
balance of a Wizardry game, may I suggest the 'Little

Wizardry 7 guide

1. Change the gold bytes ($34-38) to '00 00 00 01 00'
2. Change the experience bytes ($7C-80) to '00 00 00 01 00'
3. take your characters to the 'Adventurer's Inn' and
have him 'rest' there several times.
This method will allow your character to progress
normally, learning and acquireing normal spells and
powers. It will also give him enough hit points to
survive most levels. In addition, you now have the
money to buy the items you want from Boltac's Trading

The Super Lord

And for those who have no mercy for monsters and
the creatures of the dungeon, I suggest the creation
of a 'Super Lord':

1. Change the class byte ($24) to '06'
2. Change age bytes ($26-27) to '00 04'
3. Insure life byte ($28) is '00'
4. Insure alignment byte ($2A) is '01'
5. Change the characteristic bytes
($2C-2F) to '52 4A 52 4A'
6. Change the gold bytes ($34-38) to
'00 00 00 00 01'
7. Change equipment possession byte
($3A) to '08'
8. Equip the character with eight items
as explained in Table VI
9. Change the experience bytes ($7C-80)
to '00 00 00 00 01'
10. Change level bytes ($82) and ($84)
to '60'
11. Change status bytes ($86-87) to '00 03'
12. Change hits bytes ($88-89) to '00 03'
13. Change spell type bytes ($8A-91) to
14. Change spell bytes ($92-AC) to
'09 00 09 00 09 00 09 00. etc'
15. Equip your lord in 'camp' or in
Gilgamesh's Tavern'.

This will give you a Super Being which will
defeat all your foes, if you play your 'spells'

Other Uses

There are quite a few other uses for your
sector editor. For instance, Sir Tech will charge
you $15.00 to delete a password you have forgotten.
Now all you have to do is to insert $00 from
bytes $10 to $1F to delete your passowrd or better
yet, just look at these bytes to see your password.

If you have a power failure or you accidentally
press reset while you're playing Wizardry, your
character's record on the disk will be logged as
'on expedition'. Normally, you would not be able to
use your character until you recovered it using the
utility recover program. Now you may recover your
character on your own by placing a '00' in byte $20.

If you own Legacy of Llylgamyn and have always had
less than twenty character on your scenario disk you
will be in for a surprise. As you examine the character
information sectors, you are likely to find many ghosts
of past explorers. No one is sure where they came from!
These characters are usually 'lost' (byte $28 is '$07')
and may have '$00' in byte $00 (number of letters in
name). To resurrect these explorers, place a '$00' in
byte $28 and place a hex number corresponding to the
number of letters in the explorer's name in byte $00.
Be careful with these characters. I wouldn't trust a
character named '6502'.

    > >
  1. Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

DOS - 1990

Also released on: Mac - Amiga

4.47 / 5 - 36 votes

Description of Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge is a video game published in 1990 on DOS by Sir-tech Software, Inc.. It's a role-playing (rpg) game, set in a fantasy, turn-based and dungeon crawler themes, and was also released on Mac and Amiga.

Useful fan site with additional extras: http://www.wizardryarchives.com/ (thanks James).

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Comments and reviews

Bill2020-01-140 point

How do I revive a dead pc in wizardry 6?

dfortae2018-01-120 point DOS version

I review Wizardry 6 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxdBGJsMD4g

Dervrak2017-04-211 point

Bane is a VERY difficult game to get started in, it really take about 5 hours of mindless grinding just to get your party strong enough to explore outside of the starting castle area. But if you hang in there, the pay off is well worth it, the game actually has one heck of a good (and Dark) plot, which is even more remarkable because Wizardry had the reputation as simply a mindless hack and slash dungeon crawl before Bane.

Shane2016-02-130 point DOS version

Wizardry 8 Guide

how do I find somewhere that gives me the codes for the characters that you need to start the game? like a password or something

30222013-07-210 point DOS version

Great game, perhaps not so good as Wizardry 7, but still great alternative to the Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2. When you like clasics Dugeons, you should dry W6! I have spend many hours with W6 and I have great time.

guest2012-10-030 point DOS version

Review of Wizardry 6, Bane of the Cosmic Forge for DOS:

Ravyn2012-05-190 point DOS version


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  • Year:1991
  • Publisher:Sir-tech Software, Inc.
  • Developer:Sir-tech Software, Inc.

Useful fan site with additional extras: http://www.wizardryarchives.com/ (thanks James).


  • Year:1990
  • Publisher:Sir-tech Software, Inc.
  • Developer:Sir-tech Software, Inc.

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